Object 720

Sphere based on a hexapentakis icosahedron stump

material: wire coat hanger, cable ties
total: 2700 parts, diameter: 2.22 meters, weight: 24.24 kg.

Object 720 is the geodesic variation of a truncated hexapentakis icosahedron of pentagonal and hexagonal bipyramids.
The Greeks attributed meanings to the five Platonic bodies (convex polyhedra); the icosahedron (20 equilateral triangles) stands for the fourth element, the water and the dodecahedron (12 regular pentagons) for the fifth element, the quintessence, the spirit.
In a truncated hexapentakis icosahedron dodecahedron and Icosahedron are united.

Through its size and the regular, structural complexity of the filigree, overlapping and reflecting structures, the object conveys aesthetic presence and dominance, but at the same time also lightness and transparency, thus creating harmony.
Daylight creates a kind of ‚Moire‘ effect that resembles interference patterns.
When illuminated from the inside, the structure creates a shadow cast on the room or the surrounding architecture reminiscent of lotus blossoms.
The metal wire of the hangers connects with the electrostatic environment of magnetic fields, absorbs and harmonizes them.

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